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On this page you will find trainings that are about to launch soon,

IF you register here in advance you get the full information about the training as soon as it comes out,

and you can catch early birds offers to sign up for trainings.

We send those who sign up a special email when the training comes out.

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Space holder training module 2.png
Space holder training module 2.png

Module 2 will be open for all who completed 3 trainings from Possibility Management or completed the Space Holder Training Module 1.

The module is about accompanying you as you deliver your mission in the world,

It will include trainings that focuses on Navigating spaces towards creating your spaces, Negotiating, and going Non-linear with how you make things happen.


Space holder training module 1.png

Are you a coach, trainer, space holder, healer, teacher, guide, or someone who wishes to hold space for deep and lasting transformation within yourself and for other people?


We start our first 6-week Spaceholder Training Module. This is a chance for you to put your foot in the door and your space on the map.

We work with exercises, maps, and tools, to get you connected to the Space Holder that always was there inside of you.

Space holder training module 1.png
Space holder training module 2.png
Conscious feeling training banner for form.png

Working with Conscious Anger is the key to feeling okay to fully embodying the complete range of emotions and feelings that you experience on a daily basis.

This training starts from the beginning and guides you to navigate your feelings and emotions consciously. No previous experience is needed, there being a human being.

We work in a team, meeting once a week online on Zoom to experiment with some exercises and practices to try new things, measure what works for us, and how can we make this new territory high-level fun, and homey.

Asshole training.png


If being a nice boy, or a good girl is your only choice, it is not a choice, it is a compulsive default behavior conditioned by the society and the culture you grew up in.

It pays off the people who want to control you and manipulate you. It is nice and comfortable to those friends and family members who are invested in keeping you the same.
It pays off for the part of you that rather stay stuck in the swamp of life, and not move ahead with your mission that you are here to deliver to the world.

Asshole training.png

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