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In this training, you will learn to hold spaces for Next-Culture Emotional Healing processes and Coaching.


Modern culture made you believe that healing happens only when you get the medicine from the doctor, your psychiatrist's analysis, or the guru's prayer. 


But in you, there are the powers to consciously, directly, and naturally heal yourself and others. 

New Age culture skipped the Emotional body. They went from physical to energetical and sometimes reversed back to the intellectual body, but No one spoke to you about what are feelings, Stuck emotions from the past, and how they take a role in whatever you call : 

Depression, burnout, anxiety, unconscious anger, lack of motivation, lack of clarity, being overwhelmed.. and so forth..  


In “Possibility management” a different kind of research has been made in the last 40 years. It is not spiritual and doesn't require believing in anything. 

You can heal yourself and at the same time learn the context of holding space for your clients and tribe to heal in all 5 bodies. 

Medicine is for taking when you're sick. You are not sick. you have stuck emotions from the past. these are doorways. Doorways for you to discover a treasure. A treasure in the form of old decisions, Emotions that got mixed, and energetical blocks, that got stuck with information. you receiving and Using this information will transform the stuck emotions, so you are done having them controlling your life.


The new decisions you make, the Energetic baggage off of your shoulders, and the new clarity pumping through your very cells is a joy you can only experience after experiencing a Next Culture Emotional Healing Process. 

Coaching without healing stays only theoretical. Next Culture Coaching, Involves Emotional Healing Processes and Possibility giving. With 6 kinds of listening and speaking, with 7 ego stats, 5 bodies, and 4 feelings. The different set of distinctions the space holder is “armed” with, creates a different set of possibilities and therefore Magic. 


In this training you get:

❂To master being Centered, grounded, and energetically bubbled when working with your clients. 

❂To experiment with holding and receiving Next-Culture Emotional Healing Processes for and from  your team

❂Experience Possibility giving Coaching for your next steps in taking a stand for bringing your magic into the world. 


You commit to:

Two weeks training. 

4 active meetings. 

Experiments and assignments during the week.

Daily check-in in a designated group.

Continue your research assisted by the global network of over 600 websites. 

Getting Support from online Possibility teams around the world.


Four meetings on the weeks between 9-22 April.

The final dates of the meeting will be published until Saturday 8 April, and coordinated with participants. 

Where: a designated private house.

Investment :

USD60-160 The sliding scale enables you to choose freely how much you want to invest. Contact us if you have a different proposal.



Your registration is made upon confirmation of your payment.

Send 10 USD to secure your spot. Pay the rest in cash or transfer by the last day of the training. 


Revolut (Global and secure online bank) :

PayPal : Dor@Doorway2possibility

Or Ask for bank details for a bank transfer.


LIMIT: This Next-Culture Healer training is limited to 10 participants.


Reach out to me for registration or more information: or Telegram/whatsapp: +972 544876246


Dor Sharabi

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