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Rage Clubs 

"People Build their whole life around not feeling conscious anger" (Thats my quote) 

Rage clubs are spaces to feel again the Anger and create an ecstatic relationship with it. 


Some people need private space for their RAGE WORK, to build this connection slowly and safely.

For that, we meet 1:1 face to face or online 

and explore this work together.


Introduction to Possibility Management workshops

I have the ecstatic joy to hold doorways for people to discover Possibility Management in events, festivals and gatherings. 

If you are interested in bringing this work to your community, organization or tribe, let me know.

Book Projects

I am in the midst of the furthest walk into the unknown I ever took. I am writing 3 books. where 1 one of them is a book project with a team. 1 is a Self-evolution manual. and 1 is a fantasy self-development story about elves. 

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Emotional Healing Process 
Next-Culture Coaching and 
Possibility Management work.

Far much more to discover about my work with possibility management on this website, dedicated solely to it.

A space for colleborations

Help me discover what I don't know that I don't know about ! and let's collaborate about it ! 

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Events around the world

At every moment there might be an event near you ! as I am a Next-Culture Nomad, traveling the world with different adventure, your welcome to explore with me ! 

My work in Hebrew

For many years I worked in the realms of self development, and on the Yoga path, Welcome to explore this rememnents from that time, and discover some treasure ! 

In hebrew ! 

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