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I was born with the name Dor, which looks in Hebrew like this : דור

This name/word means Generation. the first letter of my name is called 'Dalet' דלת

which literally means a Door.

I take myself as a Door to Possibility, Which means that over the years and with the work I am doing I find myself serving people by letting them know/offering/ working with them about

how they can change something, transform it into something, or shift space to something completely different than what was possible for them before.

In 2018 I met a couple of trainers from Possibility Management At the "Boom Festival" in Portugal, they held a workshop there that I had been dragged to by my old friend Danny,

which despite my complaints and resistance convinced me to come. 

Meeting her 3 times on the same day in a crowd of 35,000 people also made me suspect

some forces behind my understanding are in play.

I stood outside the huge colorful canopy tent with my arms crossed, watching about 80 people inside and not daring to make a move. but something caught my ear, some new language, some freshness of thinking about things, 

Some edgy territory of emotions and energy.

I took a step inside and found that I walked into a doorway myself, one that would change my life completely.

5 years later I am delivering different but coming from the same context workshops for people around the world, in festivals, hostels, communities etc..

I found the utmost joy in that. Watching people transform through different challenges that I went through and some that I never even dreamed of.

I am a connector, I connect with people, and connect them to the teams, villages, and the spaces they are seeking for.

I am ecstatically creating more than ever, outside the heavy chains of modern culture, my creativity can find expression, can find a collaborator, and a deeply meaningful purpose.

My purpose is to empower Men Women and Children to have more possibilities in their lives to accomplish whatever they choose with radical responsibility.

Radical responsibility for themselves, others, their environment, and Gaya (the planet)

My life became richer than before, and that is a great time for me to share what I can

to create some change in the world, where modern culture still dictates a "NO FUTURE " situation for men kind. and Next Culture with thousands and millions of people around 

the world working shoulder to shoulder to shift destiny and create

the harmonious thriving life we all aspire for.


Dor דור

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And most importantly I couldn't share about myself without saying a little bit about all these great people who have paved the path before me.

Great people on my path

Great people on my path
Its really a place to share my respects to all the people that added something to my journey and helped me navigate on my path
ll start from the end becau
se this list might go far,
So I'll slowly keep adding people and right more about them as this website grows.

Great people on my path

What I do

Space holders for numerous "Next culture" introductory workshops

Initiation holder for "RAGE CLUBS

Four years practitioner and holder of "Emotional Healing Processes"

An ecstatic player at the game world "Possibility Management"

Next Culture Coach with "Coach-in-Circle"

Part of the team writting"Experience Archiarchy" Travelbook guide

World explorer

Originator and member of "Possibility Pirates" team 

Originator of "Nomadica" Next culture Nomadic life game-world

I support the Conscious evolution of the world by opening and holding doors of transformation initiation and healing for people 

I take radical responsibility of carrying Next-culture wherever I am, even if I am in a tent alone.

I support upgrading human Tought-ware

I take a stand for men women, and children to live freely and ecstatically behind the 

prisons of modern culture.

I take a stand for Edge-workers, Next-culture nomads, Next-culture communities 

to thrive and have space to co-create together.


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